The Dance Advisor Story

The Dance Advisor Story


DAOwners has been created by Jake Knight, who has over 25 years of experience in dance plus 7 years as a website developer. Jake began dancing at his mother’s studio at the age of seven and took over the studio in 2007. Jake developed the site to solve challenges he and his wife Amanda encountered choosing dance competitions for the couple’s dance company, NorthFire Dance Co., located in Manistee, Michigan.

“When we decided to enter our students in competitions, we realized there was no database out there that lists competitions according to date and location, age or ability of students. Also, there is no site that offers reviews on whether or not competitions are reputable, have quality venues and judges, and maintain schedules. We figured if we were having issues, other studios must be also,” said Jake, a second-generation studio owner.

After spending months researching competitions, they decided to build The site includes many competitions, and other dance related businesses according company name, and includes a link to the website. The review portion of is for dancers, teachers and parents and is validated and monitored. “We want to make it easy for people to find information about competitions and to share their experience with others,” said Jake. “Dance competitions are great for students,” added Amanda. “They further students’ education and skills. But we want the competition experience to be a good experience for students. Students, especially young children who feel the stress of competition, don’t need the additional hassle of being hungry or tired because of poor scheduling or customer service. will educate teachers, parents and students about what to expect from specific competitions. Your voice will be heard.”



Jake with the boys from his ‘Boys Sports Jazz’ class, as featured in Dance Teacher Magazine, Feb 2003.

Jake and Amanda would like to welcome you to They hope that you will find this resource as beneficial as they have. Whether you are a dancer, teacher, parent or all of the above, share your experiences and help everyone make educated choices when it comes to dance.