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April 2016 Featured Dance Studio


DancEncounter – April 2016 Featured Studio

This month’s featured dance studio is DancEncounter. We interviewed DancEncounter’s owner Tracy Adams, this past month and are pleased to share her interview with you. Enjoy!

DA: Who inspires you most in the world of dance?

DE: Aside from the greats such as Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and more current’s Michael Jackson, and Misty Copeland, I am inspired by those who dance inspire of the odds. Dancers that perform with physical challenges, using prosthetics, or even without, wheelchairs, or other immense challenges, provide such huge example of the grace needed in spirit and mind. It is this grace that shapes our physical grace. Marvelous.

DA: Why did you decide to become a studio owner?

DE: It was something of a natural progression that found me. I grew up dancing but felt my physical form was not that of a professional. I chose another career path that still in theater and dance, but moving on from the UK to the USA I found myself going back to my roots!

DA: When did you start dancing?
DE: Age 7. Tap first.
DA: What are some of your favorite things about running a dance studio?
DE: The children. Sharing creativity both with students and staff.
DA: What have you seen that makes a great dancer?
DE: Passion and courage. In both students and instructors.
DA: What piece of advice would you offer new studio owners?
DE: Be yourself.
DA: Anything else you would like to share? Studio milestones etc…
DE: This June sees my 15th year of ownership in the 23-year history of DancEncounter ‘home of dance’. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Seems like yesterday I joined the studio just to take a class… Then teach a little bit… Who knew the founder would retire and it would become my way of life. So grateful to everyone that made this possible.
Contact Details:
Facebook: DancEncounter Front Desk https://www.facebook.com/dancencounter.frontdesk
Instagram: @dancencounter
twitter: @dancencounter
Address: 630 E. State Street
Geneva Illinois, 60133
Phone: 630-232-1221