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April 2017 Featured Dance Photographer

David Husted - SikBluStudios

David Husted – SikBluStudios

This month’s featured photographer is David Husted of SikBluStudios in California. David is a NCSI/USASF approved photographer and has stunning dance photography. Read his interview and see some of his amazing photos below! Enjoy ūüôā

DA: Why/How did you get into Photography?

David: Some friends needed someone to take photos for them so I would take a old Digital point and shoot camera. then upgraded to a DSLR once I knew I wanted to do photography.

DA: What is your favorite location to shoot?

David: I’ve been to some real beautiful locations. Either Corona Del Mar or the Wine¬†Vineyards.

DA: Who inspires you as a photographer?

David: Definitely Chase Jarvis with his high energy and being so motivating.

DA: Do you have a personal favorite shot (or two)?

David: Either my powder shot or my series shot.

DA: If you could have the perfect photoshoot…who and where?

David: Personally every shoot, every client I work with is the perfect shoot.

DA: What is one piece of equipment that you could not live without?

David: Aside from the camera and everything that goes with it. Portable lighting, it really helps the dynamic of our work.

DA: Any advice to help dancers relax when having a photoshoot?

David: Just have¬†confidence¬†in yourself just like the photographer has confidence in themselves. Come prepared, have your phone full of poses you’re able to do so if you¬†freeze up, you have something to go to.¬†

DA: Any future goals or plans that you are excited about?

David: One goal is to expand being able to travel around the states and doing what I love to do.

DA: How can someone get in touch with you?

David: I try to make myself as accessible as possible you can message me on Instagram you can email me through our website or even send me a message on facebook.

DA: What is the best place to view your work online?

David: Instagram is where I’m always posting my latest work.

Business Name: SikBluStudios
Owners: David Husted
Telephone and website: 562-688-3896 – SikBluStudios.com
Social Media Info: Facebook and Instagram are SikBluStudios

So glad we got a chance to talk to David! Please check out his photos below and leave a message for him in the comments! Have an idea for our next feature? Use the contact form and let us know!

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