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April 2018 Featured Dance Photographer

Kristie Weidle - Kristie Weidle Photography

Kristie WiedleKristie Wiedle Photography

This month’s featured photographer is Kristie Wiedle. Read her unique story and check out the beautiful gallery at the end.

DA: Why did you get into Photography?
Kristie: When I was 10 years old, I asked for a Kodak Extralite film camera for Christmas. I loved it and and began taking a basic photography class at our community center. I took pictures of  pets, friends and stuffed animals.
I didn’t receive artistic encouragement as I grew up, however, there was always a dream of becoming a photo journalist burning in my mind. When I looked at Time magazine, I envisioned photos I could create.
Once I married my husband of almost 25 years, my artistic side began to awaken. As a logical college math major, I met a whimsical black & white photography student. Our date nights and free time became time to work on his hobbies. I enjoyed helping set up light rooms in the bathroom and developing film. With the birth of our second child, we purchased our first digital camera.
When our oldest became a serious dancer, I realized it was time for me to set my fears aside and pick up the camera. She needed quality photos capturing her love for dance and we needed an affordable way to make this happen.  
DA: What makes you different from other photographers?
Kristie: We’ve always had the benefit of enjoying our own special photos because my husband captured amazing moments of our children. Not everyone can afford the luxury of professional photos. When researching photo opps for for our daughter’s portfolio, we discovered we needed to become “do it your-sellers”; the prices were out of our league. This is true for many families and who need to document their dancer’s skills. 
My desire for everyone to have special moments caught professionally on film birthed, Kristie Wiedle Photography. Hannah, my daughter and I, team together to help dancers create their best moments. We do not charge, but allow families to donate what they are able to help fund Hannah’s training as a pre-professional ballerina. 
We love capturing special moments to treasure forever, and believe other families should have this gift as well.
DA: Who inspires you as a photographer
Kristie: Who doesn’t love Ansel Adams? I loved studying his composition and use of lighting as a teen. He is a master. Other mom friends over the years inspired me with their love for creatively and beautifully capturing unique aspects of the day. Finding treasures in mundane moments creates a gift. Of course, I love studying current dance photographers to help broaden my use of angle and composition. 
DA: Do you have a personal favorite shot?
Kristie: Preserving moments for my subjects and their families to enjoy throughout their lifetime brings me great joy. As a mother, I love photos that help me remember sentimental moments. Whether it’s someone’s “special olympics” achievement, a beautiful dancer’s movement, performance, a birthday, engagement, new baby, or the love for a sweet pet, I love the memories encapsulated by the shot. Each photograph is a wellspring of sweet emotions; how can I choose a favorite?
DA: If you could have the perfect photoshoot . . . who and where?
Kristie: Living in a hot and humid climate, I have to say a perfect photo shoot would be in a location where the temps are comfortable all day long. I love outdoor photography and would love it more when both dancers and I could return home in dry clothes, even after a 7am or pm photoshoot. That being said, Southern California is always a favorite. I love working with people who are able to enjoy the moment.
DA: Other than your camera, what is the one piece of equipment that you could not live without?
Kristie: My husband purchased a used lense, Cannon 70-200 2.8L,  about 10 years ago. This is by far my favorite lense to use 85% of the time. It does an amazing job creating photo magic!
DA: Any advice to help dancers relax what having a photoshoot?
Kristie: Photo shoots are fun, so come with an expectations for a good time. Hannah and I love getting to know our dancers and helping them feel comfortable by encouraging them to be themselves. Have fun with your photographer, talk, be yourself, don’t stress and your time will become a success. 
Many parents have told us how much they love having Hannah help encourage their dancer with pose ideas and corrections with their positions. However not every photographer will be able to help you with this. Make sure to come with 10 poses you want to accomplish, and if possible bring someone with you to help guide you into the best position. Make sure to bring simple energy snacks, limit your liquids or make sure a restroom is nearby. Bring something to warm you up if you get cold easily. If you don’t have a changing stand, a simple large graduation gown can be helpful. 
DA:  How can someone get in touch with your?
Kristie: As I don’t use a website, the best way to reach me is through my email. I can also be reached through Instagram or Facebook.
Instagram: @kristiewiedlephotography
Facebook: Kristie Wiedle Photography

DA: What is the best place to view your work online?
Instagram: @kristiewiedlephotography
Facebook: Kristie Wiedle Photography

Dance On!! – DanceAdvisor.com 🙂

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