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Jake & Amanda Knight

Our goal is to provide dancers, and companies that support dance, a positive platform. A place where we can highlight all of the talent that is surrounding us. Dance is a gift, not only to the dancer, but to those who allow it to inspire and motivate them. The whole story…

Jake and Amanda are a good support team and just all around wonderful people to work with. Thank you both for all you do and who you are!


Recital Photography Tips

  • Have a schedule for each class
  • Make sure parents know early
  • Allow enough time for costume exchanges
  • Extra tights & accessories
  • Create group poses for each class
  • Space out younger and older dancers
  • Clean studio before the photoshoot
  • Have stain-out on standby

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Our Photoshoot Galleries

2020 Ambassador Shoot

We had 7 dancers and their parents up to Ludington Michigan for our first Ambassador shoot. We had three separate shoots that day. First one was outfit of choice. Second was outside (it was like 20 degree’s and windy) and final one was a styled shoot.¬†

California – Madison Grace

Madison and her mom met us at Crystal Cove State Park in California. We hiked on the trails and ended up at the ocean. We had a blast and Madison was game for just about anything!