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October 2016 Featured Dancer

Rilynn Broom - Featured Dancer

Rilynn Broom – Featured Dancer

This month’s featured dancer is Rilynn Broom. She is just 10 years old and dances at Briana’s Elite Dance in Hartville, Ohio. Enjoy our interview of Rilynn this month!

DA: How old were you when you started dancing?
Rilynn: I started dancing at the age of 4

DA: What studio do you currently dance at?
Rilynn: Briana’s Elite Dance in Hartville, Ohio

DA: What is your favorite dance style?
Rilynn: My favorite style is Jazz

DA: Who has been the most inspirational teacher that you have had and why?
Rilynn: Miss. Jackie Diamond is someone who inspires me and makes me push myself to be a better dancer. She has taught me everything I know about dance and has taught me to also believe in myself. I can take a lot away with me in the future because of everything that she has done for me. I feel so lucky to have her be my teacher.

DA: What obstacles have you had to overcome in order to keep dancing?
Rilynn: My self esteem was a problem as I didn’t believe in myself but I am getting better at it everyday.

DA: What do you do when you feel as though you want to give up?
Rilynn: I take a break to cool down before I start dancing again.

DA: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given during your dance career?
Rilynn: Best advice is Don’t expect it to happen, make it happen. To practice and dance with your heart.

DA: What do you foresee yourself doing with dance in the future?
Rilynn: I want to became a dance teacher myself and to also became a professional dancer.

Thanks Rilynn for sharing your thoughts with us! If you are interested in being featured, contact us and tell us why we should feature you.


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