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Life is crazy and we all have beautiful and wonderful stories to tell. My story is no more important than another’s, but I’ve learned so many lessons in my journey back to health. I want to share them. I want to share the things that have made a difference, the things that have inspired and what continues to bring joy and happiness. 

Before I started down the road of dealing with chronic illness, I was a extremely energetic, healthy woman in my early 20’s. I was newly married and loving life. Suddenly when I was 24, I was hit by overwhelming pain and fatigue (this was in 2005). At that time in the medical field, it was primarily older male doctors. They looked at me and often told me I was just depressed or looking for attention. I unfortunately had this reaction from some I felt were my friends. 

Eventually, I was tested for Lyme disease and that test came back positive. I do know of some who have gone through rounds of antibiotics and were able to be cured. But that was not the case for me. I did oral and IV antibiotics, only to have it sent into remission and then have it reoccur again during stressful times. 

I finally found a treatment that has worked for me and am just starting to get my energy and drive back. It’s been quite the journey of natural therapies, pharmaceutical intervention and just plain figuring it out on my own. 

I can’t wait to share some of the gems I’ve found along the way. And also, light and fluffy things like favorite recipes I’ve discovered, the wonder of Instant Pot cooking, supplements that I can’t live without and the latest podcasts or books I’m loving. 

Thanks for joining me on my new part of this journey! I can’t wait to tell you more.  

Your Dancing Crane – Amanda