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July 2018 Featured Dance Photographer

Katie - KGPhotos


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DA: Why/How did you get into Photography?
KGPhotos: Dance is where it all started. I began dancing and competing when I was six in South Florida. In addition to dance I also had an interest in photography. For as long as I can remember, taking photos of friends and family, has always been apart of my life. I was drawn to the idea of capturing any moment in time, and then, being able to treasure those memories forever.

In 2011, I began teaching for my studio. I immediately fell in love with teaching young dancers and sharing my passion with them.

In enrolled at Barry University, and was fortunate enough to have my aunt as my guidance counselor in college. My Aunt Silvia, a professional photographer, a professor of photography and Chair for the Department of Fine Arts at Barry University. I trusted her guidance with those credentials. When registering for my second semester, it was my aunt Silvia who encouraged me to enroll in photography courses. Growing up, she noticed my interest and potential in photography and I am so grateful she did. Once the semester began, my love for this new art-form grew.

At first I did not realize that I only used dancers as subjects for all my assignments. A professor of mine mentioned the pattern with my work and encouraged me to continue photographing dancers; it is what I know and love. Blending my passion for photography and dance was what I was meant to do.

DA: How are you different from other photographers?
All dancers are able to express themselves with movement, inspiring and influencing those watching. What makes me different from other photographers is my ability to capture the movement that influenced you. My goal is always to capture a dancers expression while performing; recreating beautiful, unique moments, not all may have seen. Dance is so powerful, it has changed my life and continues to motivate me as a photographer.

DA: What is your favorite location to shoot?
I have so many favorite locations! The first one that comes to mind though is this abandoned elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia. I love any location that is old, unused or deserted. For me, there is still so much beauty in something even when it’s broken down. However, my favorite location will always be the beach. I grew up near the ocean, so I am always drawn to create there. Also, it’s a personal challenge for me to come up with a personalized original concept each time.

DA: Who inspires you?
My biggest inspirations will always be my mother and sister. They are two of the most compassionate, courageous and loving humans I know. I am so grateful to have been raised by such extraordinary and beautiful women. I am constantly inspired to make them proud by being the woman they raised me to be.

A photographer who inspires me would be my aunt Silvia, who I spoke of earlier. Growing up she faced many obstacles, but nothing prevented her from becoming the successful artist she is today. I always admired my aunts resilience in all she does. Her strong work ethic and equally strong sense of humor can brighten up anyones day. I am so lucky we share the same love for photography, and always grateful for her guidance and support with my career.

DA: Do you have a favorite shot (or two)?
I could never limit myself to only having one or two favorite shots, it always changes! Because I, along with my work, will keep changing and evolving. As I continue to develop as an artist, my favorite images will be influenced too.

For an image to be one of my favorites, I normally don’t favor photos based on a pose or location, but instead, what memories and experiences I gained that day. Looking back at my work, I always cherish the images that remind me of moments when I felt challenged, motivated, influenced or accomplished. A perfect example of a shoot that has stuck with me would have to be two years ago with Ricky Ubeda. I am forever grateful for Ricky, each and every time we create together he challenges me, bringing my work to a new level.

DA: Other than your camera, what is the one piece of equipment that you could not live without?
Although it’s not actual equipment, I 100% would not survive a photoshoot without an unlimited amount of bottled waters. As far as my equipment, I definitely could never live without my laptop and external hard-drives. My whole life is stored, and backed up again, on multiple laptops and hard-drives. I would be a disaster without them.

DA: If you could have the perfect photoshoot…who and where?
If I could have the perfect photoshoot, the location would not matter, we will be creative and make it work!! Some of my most memorable shoots were simple, either on a dance studios roof, a sidewalk at night, and just outside my home. The most important person I need for my perfect photoshoot could be anyone. I leave jobs inspired and wanting to work with a dancer again because they are open to new ideas, committed, and imaginative. I am not the type of photographer who likes to work alone, I love when dancers share their thoughts and ideas with me. Basically, a perfect shoot for me, is any dancer open minded and wiling to grow with me.

DA: How can someone get in touch with you?
The best way to contact me is email. You can also visit my website and send me an email through the website.

  • Email: kgphotosonline@gmail.com

DA: What is the best place to view your work online?
My work is available to view online at:

Thanks so much KGPhotos for sharing your time, expertise and story with us! Please leave a comment below and let us know what you thought about the interview and the incredible images!