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June 2017 Featured Dance Photographer

Jake Knight - Jake Knight Photography

Jake Knight – Jake Knight Photography

This month’s featured photographer is Jake Knight of Jake Knight Photography. He’s a dance photographer (mostly) and is based in Michigan, USA. We hope you enjoy this interview and the delightful photos. Enjoy!

DA: Why/How did you get into Photography?

Jake: I’ve always had an interest in photography. So it became a hobby when I was in high-school. Then after taking thousands of photos, I had the opportunity to take it to a professional level. When the dance studio my wife and I owned were in need of a new studio photographer, I took up the challenge. That was in 2012 and the past 5 years my love of photography has just continued to grow.

DA: What is your favorite location to shoot?

Jake: Not necessarily a singular location, but I like urban area’s and the beach is always a favorite.

DA: Who inspires you as a photographer?

Jake: There are some incredibly talented photographers that I look up to. Jordan Matter is supremely talented as well as David (@sharkcookie) and Rhi Lee Photography always has such great imagery. Seeing their work always pushes me to the next level.

DA: Do you have a personal favorite shot (or two)?

Jake: I have so many favorites, that I don’t think I could pick one or two. Each one is unique in its own way.

DA: If you could have the perfect photo shoot…who and where?

Jake: Hmm…A perfect photo shoot. I think doing something in Southern California with a talented dancer would be great. Or an abandoned industrial building with a talented dancer. Or maybe an underwater photo shoot with a talented dancer…lol…I think you get what I’m thinking 🙂 

DA: What is one piece of equipment that you could not live without?

Jake: Probably my Sigma Art 24-105mm lens. It’s so versatile and works for about 95% of all my shots.

DA: Any advice to help dancers relax when having a photoshoot?

Jake: A good warm up especially if they are doing some shots that call for good flexibility and technique. I also am generous with my compliments as they are getting their pictures taken. Laughing always helps, so I probably make a few lame jokes 🙂 

DA: Any future goals or plans that you are excited about?

Jake: Yeah, I have a shoot in Southern California this fall that I’m excited about. That and a trip to England in August where I hope to meet some dancers there and have a fun photoshoot or two.

DA: How can someone get in touch with you?

Jake: Email: jake@wkdesignstudio.com  / Cell:  231-670-0798 ig: @jakeknightphotos

DA: What is the best place to view your work online?

Jake: Instagram / Facebook / jakejayknight.com

Thanks Jake for sharing your story with us and our friends. Check out the gallery below and leave a comment if you like what you see.

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