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February Featured Dance Studio

Broadway Bound Dance Center

Broadway Bound Dance Centre – Toms River, NJ

This month’s featured dance studio is Broadway Bound Dance Centre in Toms River, NJ. We were able to interview Miss Lindsay, Director of Broadway Bound Dance Centre. Enjoy!

DA: When did you start dancing?

BBDC: I started dancing at the age of 3, at the Academy of Dance Arts in Red Bank NJ. I continued my dance education exploring all genres and techniques of dance.  I fell in love with Ballet at a young age and focused my energy toward classical ballet training.  I continued my dance education throughout college performing in several student choreographed works.  After college, I found a love of theater.  I worked with several local Theater Companies in many different fashions, not only as a performer but working behind the scenes as Choreographer, Rehearsal Assistant, and Dance Captain.  I loved my time on stage but I really enjoy preparing young dancers for their time in the spotlight!

DA: Who inspires you in the world of dance?

BBDC: I am inspired by new and innovative choreography. I love Sonya Tayeh.  Her work is so avant-garde and filled with emotion.  I love the way she captures the story between the dancer and song.  Another dance influence is a lesser known choreographer out of Chicago, Katie Jablonski.  The way she interprets the music with movement is magical.  When it comes to Ballet my heart belongs to Baryshnikov.  The way he soars effortlessly into each jete is stunning.

DA: Why did you decide to become a studio owner?

BBDC: When I was 17 and auditioning for college Dance Programs, the big question was what will you do with a Degree in Dance? From the very beginning, the answer was always that I wanted to have dancers of my own.  I wanted to raise dancers and create little tiny artists with their own voices.  I love creating and watching art come to life.  I am so lucky that I have had the opportunity to open my studio and build a little family of artists in training.  The dancers at my studio are so supportive and kind that I am constantly inspired while in class with them.  I also like to bring dance to the community.  We are always performing, the studio offers between 10-15 performance opportunities per year!  We perform on the boardwalk in Historic Asbury Park NJ, at the Largest gathering of Zombies in the World!  BBDC Dancers are in the Guinness Book of World Records for performing at this event!  We are also very charity conscious, this year alone we have helped K.Hovnanian Children’s Hospital of the Jersey Shore, and Community Medical Center Heart Health Center.

DA: What is one of your favorite things about running a dance studio?

BBDC: My favorite thing about running a dance studio is observing the dancers grow from year to year. I love seeing dancers achieve goals.  The look a young dancer gets when they nail four coupe turns, or when they finally land their aerial, is just amazing.  Passing on a love of this performing art is also very special.  At Thanksgiving I had the dancers write why they were thankful for dance, one of the answers that really touched me was “Dance gives me a voice to express things that I cannot express with words”  Watching kids leave my classroom more confident than when they walked in is something extraordinary that Dance Teachers get to experience.  I also love putting together Recitals and Competition choreography.  I really appreciate having a platform for expressing myself too.

DA: What have you seen that makes a great dancer?

BBDC: A great dancer is made up of so many things. A combination of hard work, education, and well-guided energy can definitely help make a dancer achieve their goals and become great.  Setting short term achievable goals is key.  A dancer needs to be working outside of the classroom in addition to their everyday classes.

DA: What piece of advice would you give to new dance studio owners?

BBDC: My advice to new studio owners would be “An interesting person is never universally liked” Meaning that it is impossible to be liked by everyone, and wanting everyone to like all of your decisions is nearly impossible. You have to keep your identity and love for dance that you started with to maintain yourself throughout the journey.

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Happy Dancing!