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March 2018 - Featured Dancer Amelia Kratz - Dance Advisor
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March 2018 Featured Dancer

Amelia Kratz

Amelia Kratz

This month’s featured dancer is Amelia Kratz from Australia! We are so happy to share this interview with you!

DA: How old were you when you started dancing and how old are you now?
Amelia: I started dance at 2 years old in the mummy and me dance classes, my mum thought it would be nice for her and I to do, she didn’t realise i would love ballet as much as I do. I am now 13.

DA: What studio do you currently dance at?
Amelia: The Dance Company Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

DA: What is your favorite dance style?
Amelia: Classical and Contemporary.

DA: Who has been the most inspirational teacher that you have had and why?
Amelia: Claudia Dean, she was the principal dancer at the Royal, I train with her once a week. Claudia gave me the true love of dance, she makes dance so mush fun which really makes me inspired to always train to the best of my ability. Claudia had a lot of setbacks with her body also and through hard work she reached her dream.
Hao Binn, he was the principal dancer of the Qld Ballet, before that he was the principal dancer of the national ballet of China. He has achieved a lot in his dancing career receiving a lot awards. I train with Hao every Friday. He truly believes in me and my ability, he makes me want to be the best ballerina I can be.

DA: What obstacles have you had to overcome in order to keep dancing?
Amelia: I wasn’t born with the perfect ballerinas body… I have had to work very hard on my feet, I even had a sickle, I have had to work on my hyper extension and my turnout through hard work. Since I was 8 I have set my alarm at 5.30 every morning to train for dance. I believe through hard work you can only reach your potential.

DA: What do you do to stay motivated?
Amelia: By being positive, looking at the bright side and thinking if I keep on practicing and working hard who knows what the future holds.

DA: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given during your dance career?
Amelia: If you want something fight for it as it will never come for free, you have to be determined and have resilience to achieve something magnificent.

I also was in a lesson with Dusty Button here in Australia,  one of the girls asked her who inspired her, who did she want to be like. Dusty said herself, she said she only ever wanted to be the best she could be, the best in her class or in the dance company she was with. She only compared herself with herself and the last time she danced. I loved this. I believe everyone is different, different bodies, different things driving them. You cannot truly compare yourself to others or you will always be bitterly disappointed, you should just believe in yourself and go for it.

DA: What do you foresee yourself doing with dance in the future?
Amelia: I would love to eventually be in a dance company.

DA: Favorite quote?
Amelia: Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.

Thank you so much Amelia for sharing part of your story with us! Leave a comment below and let us know what you liked!