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May 2018 Featured Dance Photographer

Aaron Fung - Aaron Fung Photo

Aaron Fung  – Aaron Fung Photography

This month’s featured photographer is Aaron Fung, located in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Take a few mins and get to know about Aaron and his love for photography. See who inspires him and check out the incredible works of art in the gallery below.

DA: Why did you get into Photography?

Aaron: When I was about 10 years old, I started my interest in photography when I became my family’s resident photographer on our trips and outings. I became fascinated with the idea of capturing photos for memories and learning how to maximize the use of the photography gear I had. While I now offer my services professionally, I built up to it as a hobbyist by carrying my camera with me whenever possible to practice my understanding of lighting and composition.

While I enjoy shooting all types of photography, I’ve discovered over the last few years that my main passion in photography is to work with people, to capture each of their unique personalities and character on camera! I gradually developed a passion to capture dance and movement over the last decade when one of my close childhood friends went on to become a professional ballerina, and when my sister started ballet lessons, and I had the opportunity to shoot photos with her. Paired with my love for classical music,  I’m always thrilled with how the “lights, camera, and action” join hands to create beautiful works of art, both on stage and on the streets.

Today, I’m truly honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many incredibly talented dancers from all over the country, and I’m excited to continue creating inspiration with many more dancers!

DA: How are you different from other photographers?

Aaron: Something that’s very important to me as a photographer is getting to know the subject personally. While getting the technical/artistic details of the shoot right is important, I find that it’s much easier to capture their personality on camera when I get to know them as a person.

What is your favorite location to shoot?

Aaron: I love shooting in natural light – whether that be in urban streets, at the beach, in the forest, and so on! One of my favorite spots to shoot recently was near the Capitol Building in Downtown Raleigh. The historical architecture made for a beautiful backdrop!

Who inspires you?

Aaron: Hands down, dancers are my primary inspiration! Each dancer that I’ve worked with are dreamers who have worked hard to achieve their dreams in dance. And, each of them carry an interesting story to tell of their journey as a dancer and artist.

There are a number of dance photographers that I love to follow who inspire me, including Nicole Escamilla (@nicoleroseportraits), Eva Nys (@evanysphotography), Luis Pons (@ponsphoto), and so many more. Each of them continue to push dance photography to new levels, creating art that demonstrates the beauty and elegance of dance. Seeing their work inspires me to try new things and to keep working towards growing as a dance photographer.

Last, but not least, I’m continually inspired by my wife! She always encourages me to take another step forward and to keep pursuing my dreams as a photographer and artist.

DA: Do you have a favorite shot (or two)?

Aaron: One of my favorite shoots so far was at a science museum. The dancer, Sophie Nelson, wore her ballet outfit and we captured a few photos in the dinosaur exhibit. It was definitely a fun and unique experience capturing a ballerina posing with a dinosaur’s leg!

DA: Other than your camera, what is the one piece of equipment that you could not live without?

Aaron: Other than my other equipment, comfortable shoes! Especially working with dancers and movement, being quick on your feet and able to move quickly is a must for a dance photographer. I make sure I wear shoes that will keep my feet comfortable throughout photoshoots.

DA: If you could have the perfect photoshoot…who and where?

Aaron: I’d love to do a shoot in an old city, maybe in Europe or in Central America. The architecture of some of these buildings are incredible and would make for beautiful scenery! I love working with all dancers and showcasing their talent, so anyone who would join me on my destination-shoot would make it perfect!

DA: Any advice to help dancers relax when having a photoshoot?

Aaron: I generally start a shoot with getting to know dancers for a few minutes before we start the session – as a warm up to each other. My advice to dancers, like many other photographers, is to focus on having a good time, enjoy the shoot, and have fun throughout the process! While I love to provide pose ideas and artistic direction, I would also encourage dancers to prepare a few poses they’d like to complete during the shoot. Also, drink plenty of water and eat if necessary! We move a lot during a shoot, so having plenty of energy and fluids is a plus!

DA: How can someone get in touch with you?

Aaron: You can direct message me on Instagram (@aaronfung.photo), email me at aaronfungphoto@gmail.com, or use my contact form at www.aaronfungphoto.com. I’m always booking sessions with dancers, and I would love to hear from you!

DA: What is the best place to view your work online?

Aaron: My website and Instagram contain a lot of my dance and portrait work.

Website: www.aaronfungphoto.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/aaronfung.photo/

Thanks for taking some time to get to know Aaron! Leave a comment and let us know you stopped by 🙂

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