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November - December 2015 Featured Dance Studio

PC Dance Company

PC Dance Company – Chelsea Collins

This month’s featured dance studio is PC Dance Company located in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA. We are so happy that Chelsea Collins, Owner of PC Dance Company could share her story with us. Enjoy the interview below.

DA: How long have you been in business?

PC: PC Dance Company has been open for 6 years.

DA: What made you open a studio?

PCI opened a studio because I needed to have a place I could have limitless opportunities for young dancers to become what they wanted and a place to grow as an artist. 

 DA: When did you start dancing?

PC: I have always loved dancing but never can place when I started studio dancing. I was in dance my entire life off and on, but I became extremely passionate about dance when I was 15 and I kept working towards keeping dance alive and allowing myself to evolve with the dance community. The best thing I remember is the feelings I have after I danced and what it felt like. I did not have a ton of opportunities, so when I did get the opportunity to perform or compete it literally was the most complete I felt. 

DA: What is one of your favorite things about running a dance studio?

PC:  The favorite thing about having a studio is watching kids feel the transform and trust in this world that is not so trustworthy. I love passionate loyal hard working kids, who trust that there is a message that needs to be told to help others or ourselves.

DA: What have you seen that makes a great dancer?

PC: Things I have seen that make great dancers is consistency, diversity, trust and most definitely a good soul. I think if you have an element of consistency in your training which allows a teacher to push you past your limits, they have seen change, as well as training in all styles, will help you become unstoppable. Having a dancer or dance family trust the trainer is very important to a healthy growth process for all young adults. I promote good souls, people who want to dance around the best, be pushed by the best and support the best. That is the one characteristic that is hard to find in this industry because everyone thinks they are the best. Humility goes miles.

DA: What piece of advice would you give to new dance studio owners? 

PC: I would say to stay humble, be willing and hard working. Keep the evolution of dance alive and always dance to impact someone. I love dance with all my heart and I think it’s so important to have a creative outlet and to have a supportive group of people on your side. Remember that people will only talk about you when you’re doing something right. Try to keep your head held high and trust all the hard work will pay off.

To learn more about PC Dance Company see below.

PC Dance Company
 2 locations: Tulsa Oklahoma & Bartlesville Oklahoma
Owner: Chelsea Collins
For information please call: 918 3441006
Instagram @pcdancecompany
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