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A Little About Us

Jake & Amanda Knight owners of DanceAdvisor.com started this incredible journey in 2012.

Thank you so much for visiting us here on Dance Advisor! Jake and I wanted to tell you a little about ourselves and DA. 

Both of us (Jake and Amanda) love dance. We taught together at Conservatory Of Dance, a family owned studio, before taking over ownership ourselves for a successful 7 years. Through that experience, our love of dance grew to what it is today. We originally wanted to start a website to use as a resource tool for finding dance competitions and conventions, but soon found that we wanted our focus to be more on dancers, dance studios and dance photographers. Pretty much everything related to dance! 

We recently started a podcast, entitled Dance Advisor. Being involved in all facets of the dance world as dancers, teachers, studio owners and photographers, has given us much insights into dance. We love sharing our insight and ridiculousness with you all through our podcast. Make sure to check us out on Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts.

Dance photography has definitely become one of our major passions. We love taking the art that is dance and freezing it into a single shot. The beauty and fluidity of movement, the power behind the strength of dancers, the uniqueness that is each dancers individuality is a privilege to capture. We’re excited to be spending more of our time focused on working with dancers. We love leaving each dancer feeling more confident, capable and knowing they have two new friends in Jake and I. Check out some of our most recent photoshoots. 

Our goal is to provide dancers, and companies that support dance, a positive platform. A place where we can highlight all of the talent that is surrounding us. Dance is a gift, not only to the dancer, but to those who allow it to inspire and motivate them. We hope that you are inspired by what you see here on DA and on our Instagram account. Always keep dance in your life and support it in whatever way you can. Let it move you to be a better, stronger, and more kind person. Be willing to take chances and leave a little sparkle wherever you go. 

Make sure to check out the features every month and feel free to contact us if you’re interested in booking your own photoshoot with Jake and I. We love to travel, and we love to meet others that are passionate about dance. 

Hope to meet you soon!