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Detroit Michigan Shoot

We spent an incredible afternoon in Detroit with 9 awesome dancers from 3 different dance studios. This shoot was a little over 3hrs and we had well over 100 images to choose from. Each dancer received the entire photoshoot for use on social media or sharing with friends and family. Best part?! We made a bunch of new friends and these dancers now have new friends from other studios!
This photo shoot was such a great opportunity and super fun!  I loved working with Jake and Amanda!  I also met so many new friends!

Detroit Dancer

I had so much fun at the photo shoot with Dance Advisor! I’m happy I made new friends and loved taking photos with them. Jake and Amanda were so nice.

Detroit Dancer

I had a really fun time during the photo shoot with Jake and Amanda and made new instagram friends! Thank you Dance Advisor! Love the photos!

Detroit Dancer


Ludington Michigan Shoot

Ludington was so great, shooting in our hometown. These dancers were up for the challenge of shooting in different locations and different outfits. We finished the night off at Lake Michigan with the help of Jacob & Sara from NorthStar Chiropractic. Special thanks to Bethany for filming the whole thing! Can’t wait to do our next shoot!

Dance North Photoshoot

This was a fun shoot, with dancers who attended the DanceNorth.org dance intensive during the summer of 2018. We were able to shoot in the beautiful Harbor Springs, Michigan & Mackinaw City, Michigan. This workshop consisted of 7 dancers who each received 20-30 photos. Please check out these incredible dancers. We had such a great night! Looking forward to our 2019 DanceNorth.org intensive to see what kind of incredible images we can create.

Bella Lara - California

This was a unique shoot we did in Griffith Park. This park is an abandoned zoo just outside of Los Angelas, California. We met Bella and her mom at this cool location (neither of us had been to before) and we just started creating. Bella was phenomenal and we were thrilled to work with her. Again, take a look at the fun photo shoot we did with Bella!

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